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QuickSTOP is a dynamically variable collision sensor that operates on an air pressure system. A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold the QuickSTOP rigid during normal operation. At impact, the air chamber seal is opened, while the shutdown signal is immediately sent to the system controller.

Production and assembly lines run longer, expensive robots and tooling are protected and costly system repairs are drastically reduced.

Dynamically Variable Trip Points Being able to program your collision sensor offers protection at all speeds of an operation. The breakaway threshold adjusts to match the working force ranges of your robot/application.

Permanent Repeatability
All QuickSTOP models feature a noncompressive, metal-to-metal seal which ensures reliable and consistent operation, giving you the permanent repeatability you need and expect.

Senses Angular, Rotational and Compressive Forces
QuickSTOP's unique design, offers protection in the X,Y and Z axes.

Quick Reaction Time
At the moment of impact, QuickSTOP's air chamber seal is opened and a shutdown signal is instantly sent to the system controller. No reaction time is lost waiting for a deflection to occur, another advantage of an air pressure system.

Monitors Performance Readiness
The QuickSTOP can only be pressurized when it is reset in one unique position. The pressure switch monitor confirms that air pressure is present before resuming operation. The ready-to-perform signal from the pressure switch lets you know the QuickSTOP is reset in the proper position and is pressurized. You will never receive a false readiness signal with QuickSTOP.

QuickSTOP Becomes Compliant
Non-resistive compliancy upon impact offers better tool protection. QuickSTOP removes the force from your tool and robot wrist.

Low Mass and Profile
The compact size of QuickSTOP makes it easy to fit into any workcell.


















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